American Elections results 2008


As of today, the countdown for the American Elections 2008 has started.
The results of the exit polls suggest that Barrack Obama will be the next president of the US with a margin of 6% (50% vs 44% for McCain). However the American Elections have a long history of close battles for the victory. 2008 can't be that different, George Bush jr. was not that bad, was he ?

Barrack Obama is the winner of the 2008 American Elections. The results are not final yet, but Obama has managed to secure the 270 electoral votes needed.

Barrack Obama, with 53% of the votes is the winner of 2008 presidential elections. The Democrats will also have control of the senate and the US house.

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American elections


34% of those who voted Republican in the last election believe Forrest Gump was a documentary.

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Washington Bullets


The Washington Bullets changed their name because its owners did not want the NBA team associated with the image of crime. From now on, the team will simply be known as the Bullets.

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