Just Hold Me


Comfortable as I am..
I need your reassurance..
And comfortable as you are..
You count the days..

But if I wanted silence..
I would whisper..
And if I wanted loneliness..
I'd choose to go..
And if i liked rejection..
I'd audition..
And if I didn't love you..
You would know..

And why can't you just hold me..
And how come it is so hard..
And do you like to see me broken..
And why do I still care..
still care..

You say you see the light now..
At the end of this narrow hall..
I wish it didn't matter..
I wish I didn't give you all..

But if I wanted silence..

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Το είπε...: Arvid Solvang, Maria Mena

Ετικέτες (tags): care, lyrics, silence, songs, tragoudi, tragoudia, στίχοι, τραγούδι, τραγούδια

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