Watch My Dance


I was born so betrayed, who am I - what I’ll be?
What is mine in this life? Just the heaven and sea
No I won’t give them up, they’re my fortune, my proof
Don’t believe what you hear, cause their truth kills the truth

The duty I’ve got is my war against fear
and I want you with me, I want you so near
Watch my dance Head up high Hands like wings and I’ll fly
Το κεφάλι ψηλά και τα χέρια ανοιχτά!

Την έχει η ψυχή μου τη φωτιά
τους φόβους όλους καίει μοναδικά
τα βήματά μου κάνω ως το Θεό
κι αν πέσω εγώ ξανά θα σηκωθώ

I have heard many words but I still won’t forget
the language of my body the sound my heart makes
so I’m staying alive and my losses won’t let
my soul to surrender, the power of loss is my bet

Watch my dance Head up high Hands like wings and I’ll fly
Το κεφάλι ψηλά και τα χέρια ανοιχτά!

Το είπε...: Λούκας Γιώρκας

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