Windows 7


Windows 7: Please ignore all that stuff we’ve been doing for the past decade
Windows 7: We heard it’s a lucky number
Windows 7: Like Windows 6 — wait, there was no Windows 6
Windows 7: Correct iterations be damned!
Windows 7: Experience crashes and bad architecture under a classic name
Windows 7: The franchise gets a reboot
Windows 7: DOS 12.1182
Windows 7: If it looks like Vista, and smells like Vista…
Windows 7: Still not buying it
Windows 7: If that’s the price, it might be worth it
Windows 7: Give that marketer a promotion

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Completely unintentional


Really, I'm not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely unintentional side effect.

Το είπε...: Linus Torvalds

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Windows is the answer, but only if the question was 'what is the intellectual equivalent of being a galley slave?'

Το είπε...: Larry Smith

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